Here's What Our Patient's Say About Us

I came to Dr. Trong's office for a surgery on my foot. Since the beginning I was pleased at how attentive and professional the staff and surgeon are. The procedure was explained and I felt confident going into the scheduled appointment.

Everything went smoothly and there was virtually no pain, just some soreness around the tendon that was operated around. All in all, I am very pleased with the entire staff as well as the surgery centers for an amazing job.

Mike L. - Fountain Valley, CA

No one wants to have to bring their child to the doctor for a serious injury. We had to have our son seen for a partially severed Achilles and a car accident. We lucked out in discovering Dr. Trong Nguyen. He was really good with a scared child and answered all of our questions. He took his time in answering questions from our son too, which is important since he was the one injured. I had to bring all my kids to the appointments, glad they had CV in the waiting room. The staff was all super friendly with my kids too and Ms. Bach made sure we were all comfortable in the office. With 3 kids we have been in and out of doctor offices and were pleasantly surprised to find one so customer focused.

Kat L. - Newport Beach, CA

I love this place. I was having some issues with my knee swelling up. Not sure what it was so I went to the good of folks at CFBJC. Of course, I had my x-ray done and they were able to show that I had fluid buildup from a Joint injury. The Doc drained the fluid and immediately I felt relieved. As always, he was able to explain the issue and also advise about preventative measures. Mainly, it feels gratifying to learn that there are still some in the medical field that I can trust completely.

Mainly, it feels gratifying to learn that there are still some in the medical field that I can trust completely.

ML. - Fountain Valley, CA

I have never been more pleased with any medical procedure than my experience with Dr. Nguyen. He is very pleasant, knows how to talk to patients, lays it out in an organized way and follows through to make sure the patient is doing well during recovery and achieves the mobility desired. He explained clearly what I needed to do to have the best result and what to expect. I followed his plan to a letter and achieved an extremely good result. He has an upbeat personality and is very pleasant to talk with. I have thanked him several times but he is very humble and said my recovery therapy was the difference between a good result and a great result. His office and staff are a very good team to work with. Thank you, Dr Nguyen.

R. Fred W. - Irvine, CA

Dr. Nguyen, operated on me on Wednesday, I had a full shoulder replacement, he is a gift from God. If you need arm surgery or his help, he is the right surgeon; five days and I am a new woman. I have done hair for 46 years, both arms needed surgery, I can't wait for my other arm to be done. When you go to his office, you are entering heaven’s door. You will come out brand new. His staff, their professionalism is a ten. Don't suffer anymore, give yourself the gift of living a quality life, I got my life back. Thank you Dr. Trong.

Gladys O. - Costa Mesa, CA